by Lindsay Joelle

Directed by Estefanía Fadul
Scenic Design by Christopher Ash
Costume Design by LeVonne Lindsay
Lighting Design by Alyssandra Docherty
Sound Design by Daniel Ison

November 11 – December 5, 2021
80 minutes, no intermission

The Garbologists title as a logo, on purple mottled background

World Premiere!

Danny’s a white, blue-collar mansplainer hiding a heart of gold. Marlowe’s a Black, Ivy League-educated newbie who just joined his route. When these two polar opposites are thrown together on Marlowe’s first day at the city sanitation department, they’re forced to find a steady rhythm, despite their differences. This odd couple starts their 6 a.m. shift trading barbs, but along the route Danny slowly earns Marlowe’s trust by sharing hard-earned tricks of the trade. 

How do you spot a standard mattress upgrade from a casualty of a bed bug infestation? When do house rules outweigh union rules? What the hell is “mongo”?! Verb: To Scavenge. Noun: Junk. As Marlowe and Danny’s lives become increasingly entwined, their initial bickering gives way to a reluctant bond over the broken, beautiful things we discard. In Lindsay Joelle’s fresh, off-beat buddy comedy The Garbologists, two essential workers from different worlds discover there’s more that binds them than taking out the trash.