Save Money,

Save Stress,

Save seats!

Pre-purchase discounted tickets
Redeem any time up to 48-hours prior to a performance
Choose your dates, performances, and seats
CHANGE your dates, performances, and seats – with no additional fees
Use all your passes for one show…
Or spread them out across the season!
It’s all flexible & all up to you!
You must buy at least three tickets to qualify for a Flex Pass discount.

The more tickets you buy, the better discount you get. Flex Pass discounts range from 20% to 25% off the premium single ticket prices. For example:
A 3-Ticket Pass: $171 (20% off of $212 regular price)
A 6-Ticket Pass: $330 (22% off of $424 regular price)
A 9-Ticket Pass: $477 (25% off of $636 regular price)



  • 2022-23 Season Flex Passes will expire April 30, 2023.
  • You Flex Pass is valid for any performance and any available seats except for the November 4 performance of The Tattooed Lady.
  • You must redeem your passes at least 48 hours prior to performance (Pass is not a ticket).
  • Available dates and seating subject to availability.
  • We recommend you redeem a few weeks in advance to secure specific dates and seats.
  • Passes subject to a flat $15 ordering fee.