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“What streaming theater should be.” – Broad Street Review  Read the review here:

The Days of Re-Creation is a virtual play written entirely by writers of color.

We are living in a time of incredible upheaval. Our daily lives are unrecognizable from a year ago. As a country we are undergoing a deep reexamination of the institutions that surround us. Each day it feels like we are recreating ourselves and seeking to rebuild in new and better ways.

2020 will be seen as a pivotal year in the history of mankind. While it has been full of fear, exhaustion, conflict, and death, it also has the potential to be a year of revolution, rebirth, and re-creation.

The Days of Re-Creation: A Virtual Play is seven 10-minute plays on this theme of re-creation which relate in some way to one of the 7 days of creation from the Book of Genesis.

Written by Masi Asare, AriDy Nox, Erlina Ortiz, SEVAN, Nandita Shenoy, BD Wong, and Lauren Yee Directed by Rebecca Aparicio

Starring: Dolores Avery, Ang Bey, Kimberly S. Fairbanks, J. Hernandez, Suli Holum, Christine Toy Johnson, Iraisa Ann Reilly
Originally developed by Live & In Color, Devanand Janki, Artistic Director