Are you a PTC Champion?

A banner with images from previous shows and headshots. The text reads "BE A PTC CHAMPION" Share why PTC is important to you with your friends and followers! Tag us in your posts @philatheatreco

Tell your friends that PTC is YOUR theatre Company!
Help spread the word that you support the work PTC is doing
nd you want them to join you!
Simply follow the steps below!

1. Go to your PTC social media platform of choice. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

2. Select the “I support PTC” graphic that resonates with you the most.

3. Share the graphic by clicking “share” on Facebook, repost to your story on Instagram, or retweet it on Twitter!

4. You can also use this link that will prompt you to reshare the post on your desired social media platform.
You can go ahead and click it! It will not be posted until you approve it.

5. Be sure to tag PTC! @philatheatreco!