Meet the Artist Behind the Season Art

Alloyius Mcilwaine

Philadelphia native Alloyius Mcilwaine is a self-taught artist that has been creating art since he was a child. At the early age of three, he discovered a love for art, and began to develop a talent for drawing by attempting to duplicate comic book images. As he got older, Alloyius began to study various different forms of art…including traditional art, comic book art, graffiti, abstract and more.  Soon, the seed was planted for the creation of Cultures Clothing Company, when Alloyius began to develop sketches of his art on clothing. Cultures Clothing was then founded in the year 2000 as a t-shirt company, creating hand-painted, customized t-shirt designs. Alloyius started the company as a way to make some extra money while attending Neumann University, but as time passed, Alloyius’ love for fashion grew. He soon began to appreciate fashion design as another form of art.  Alloyius began to study all different types of fashion, from high fashion to urban to art couture, and he used this knowledge to expand the clothing line into what it is today. 

After establishing his clothing brand, Alloyius began to further develop his art style, and experimented with various different techniques. In 2012, Alloyius decided to experiment with freestyle abstract art. Freestyle art is art that is improvised on the spot…without any predefined concept or idea or rules. The art that is manifested on the canvas is serendipitous in nature, and influenced by the artist’s mood and emotion.  Alloyius learned many things about himself and his style during this period, and has incorporated these things to create his latest series of paintings.  Alloyius’ latest series focuses on beautiful women, and incorporates aspects of graffiti, street art, comic book art, traditional art, and abstract art into the paintings.

Alloyius works with many different mediums, including: Spray Paint, Acrylic, 3-D Paint, Watercolors, Oil Paints, Pens, Pencils, Markers, Colored Pencils, Pastels, Charcoal, Wheat Paste-Ups, Stencils and more.  Alloyius’ work has been featured in his “Spraypaint & Ink Pens” Showcase (October 2012), the “RAW Artists Presents: DISCOVERY” Showcase (February 2013), the “IMMORTAL” Showcase (August 2013), the Art Above Reality & The Culture LP websites, Tosh.0 and most recently on the new R&B DIVAS LA reality show (TV One). 

Picture of Alloyius Mcilwaine
A blue background with white swirling lines. In the center is a circle with mulitcolored geometric shapes inside. In the corner is artist Alloyius Mcilwaine's signature
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