OCT 29 – NOV 20, 2022

Book By Erin Courtney and Max Vernon
Music and Lyrics By Max Vernon
Developed with and Directed By Ellie Heyman

Choreographed by Mayte Natalio

Ida Gibson (Jackie Hoffman) is a grandma and model citizen, happily concealing her shocking past… until a parade of tattooed ladies hijacks her living room to stage an otherworldly intervention. The Tattooed Lady is a rock musical about shattering taboos and a woman’s right to control her body and choose her destiny.

FEB 10 – MAR 5, 2023
Streaming Mar 6 – 19, 2023

By Ana Nogueira
Directed By Nell Bang-Jensen

The futuristic Empathitrax is a searing, darkly funny sci-fi story of a young couple who turn to a breakthrough in pharmacology to save their fractured relationship. When “Empathitrax” hits the market promising instant emotional intimacy by divining what others feel, one couple takes the leap to eliminate all boundaries between them. Like any new drug, there are unforeseen side effects which in this instance have catastrophic and poignant consequences. 

APR 6 – APR 30, 2023

By Lanie Robertson
Music Arrangement by Danny Holgate
Directed By Resident Artist, Jeffrey L. Page

The time is 1959. The place is a seedy bar in Philadelphia. The audience is about to witness one of Billie Holiday’s last performances, given four months before her death. More than a dozen musical numbers are interlaced with salty, often humorous reminiscences to project a riveting portrait of the lady and her music.