Looking Ahead


What will the 2020-21 season bring?

As we anticipate the relaxation of stay-at-home orders in Philadelphia, one thing remains clear – theatre (as we know it) is going to be among the final activities to resume.  But all is not lost!

We are playing the long game at PTC. The strategy Philadelphia Theatre Company has put in place positions us to come back very strongly – when it’s time. And what that means is that we are not going to be announcing a season, or dates, until we can do so with certainty.  And we know you understand that if there’s one thing in short supply right now, it is certainty.

Therefore, we are now devising new and entertaining ways of creating theatrical work that will bring you closer to the next generation of great American theatre artists.

Our focus in the coming months is going to be on seeding the ground for future productions, and making sure our resources go to the creative artists that sustain us.  It’s a good bet that almost every human during this time of isolation has turned to a form of art or entertainment for solace and company and we want to do everything we can to ensure their survival.   We will be announcing initiatives and programming in the near future. Until we’re back in our theatre, we’re looking forward to interacting with you in new ways.

As we make these preparations, we are prioritizing the safety of our staff, the well being of our artists and we’re working with experts  to make sure you, our audiences, artists and supporters, can return to the theatre with confidence.

We are deeply grateful to you for your generosity and for the supportive messages we’ve received over these last several weeks.  We are in this together and eagerly look ahead to the days when we can gather again in person to share the joy of live performance.

Until then, we miss you, too.


IMPORTANT Information

If you need to reach us for any reason, please call the main office number at 215.985.1400.
Staff is working from home but will respond as soon as possible. Please be aware that there may be some delays.

Stay safe and have a great summer!

Live theatre is a shared experience. We will be back.