Education & Outreach

2018 Artists’ Statement by a Lincoln student participating in Philly Reality:
“The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the Social Situation.” – Stella Adler
We can relate to this quote because that is exactly what theatre is, a platform where we can showcase social issues that we feel are important. This is exactly what we did with “That Night.” Every one of us are so diverse especially with our ideas and skills and that makes our drama club so special. We all love theatre and acting and that passion most of us have helps create a superb performance. We incorporated everyone’s ideas into a perfect script based on what we believe is significant to display on stage. In our play we exhibit issues such as racism, abuse, sexual harassment, LGBT issues, and bullying. We felt that these issues can often be overlooked so we wanted to open people’s eyes because many teens and even adults go through this every day. We hope we accomplished our mission and uncovered these real social problems in a theatrical way. Performing is such a great way to express ourselves, and it is an honor to perform our show especially since most of us are so ardent about theatre.”

PTC believes in the importance of educational programs that support its artistic mission to produce, develop, and present imaginative and entertaining contemporary theater focused on the American experience. Launched in 2004, PTC’s award-winning educational program, Drama Contact, was created in response to the substantial cuts made to public schools’ arts programming over the past decade. Now, the need for arts enrichment programs like ours has become more crucial than ever. Drama Contact was designed to meet the School District of Philadelphia’s call to bring curriculum-based arts enrichment programs to its students. The program, which received the 2008 Barrymore Award for Excellence in Theatre Education and Community Service, introduces students to contemporary American theater through a menu of in-school and at-the-theater workshops, residencies, student matinees, weekend and summer programs, and a unique multi-school student performance program entitled Philly Reality.