July 13 through 25, 2010

America’s Greatest Comedy Theatre Returns to PTC

For a theatre that has built its reputation on launching new talent and creating topical comedy ripped from the day’s headlines, an Anniversary show presents some real challenges. Those Eisenhower jokes just don’t go over like they used to.So we’ve created a comedy revue that dips into the past as a bridge to the present. You’ll see snippets of scenes written by a plethora of comedy greats – Alan Arkin, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, and more – all who graced the stages of The Second City over the last 50 years. But you’ll also see how the current ensemble of future stars has used the innovations of their predecessors to create comedy that is wholly and inextricably of its time – comedy that speaks to our economic woes, our political hopes, and what it means to be a living in such extraordinary times.The Second City has always served as a bit of a tonic for times of difficulty and upheaval. It’s our job to laugh at what scares us, to make the unfunny funny, and to provide audiences with a chance to let go for a couple hours and just laugh.