We engaged a group of everyday citizens to see SEMINAR then send us their reviews – here they are! Edited for spelling corrections – and to avoid spoiling the plot!  

I really loved the show. It’s funny, witty, candid and very sophisticated storytelling.
Gregory W.

We really loved this show. We loved that it’s about writers, that it’s incredibly funny, that the language is great fun, and that the acting was excellent.
Jean B.

It’s a witty adult language play with spunk.  We were caught laughing-out-loud a lot.  The actors were terrific with great energy and timing. Also loved the sets.
Sayre D.

Seminar really hit home for me, as I have been a student in several writing seminars (and one of my teachers was even named Leonard!) The play was hilarious, the characters interesting and vibrant. I loved how the teacher’s character grew more and more dimensional over the course of the play. At the beginning I hated him for being so critical and candid and by the end he was my favorite character because of those same characteristics. As a writer, I felt for how Martin’s character was so hesitant to show his work to others and to accept help. It’s so difficult to give up that dream of becoming successful based solely on talent. I have one main criticism which is that I felt like it took a good 15 minutes for the plot to gain momentum (but gain momentum it did!).
Jennifer A.

The play was absolutely sensational!! I thoroughly enjoyed the wittiness and would recommend it as a definite MUST SEE!! WOW!!! All of the actors were electric and great chemistry.
Marilyn P.

I loved the set design. It was fabulous. The acting was superb as was the dialogue.
Tiffenia A.

I settled into Seminar with mixed expectations and came out more than pleasantly surprised. The set and the characters were both well done and familiar to anyone who’s been part of a college seminar, salon or other gathering of literary/intellectual types. At the same time, the context– a pay-up-front, post-grad gathering – seemed a bit different. And so too was this play. It moved from a drawing room comedy of manners and literary references and ambitions and attractions to something else as the plot thickened and the characters exposed themselves through developments. Each was more than they seemed. And the surprises that emerged stripped the Seminar and its characters of their pretensions to reveal some substance worth thinking about. In the process, we joined the Seminar. Seminar was far more than the prototypes–the Maileresque teacher, the earnest feminist, the flirty intellectual exotic, the workmanlike preppie, and the financially/emotionally inhibited talent–and its plot lines. By the end, we were more seduced by Seminar than the characters whom we expected the teacher to mesmerize from the outset. Enjoyable and stimulating.
Kay F.

I enjoyed the performance and thought it was very well written and the actors were very good. The performance engaged the audience and it felt as if you were listening in on an actual seminar. Memoir can be very powerful and as the character Leonard we can get drawn into these narratives and we believe in them based upon our flawed perceptions and our view of the world. The set design was excellent and I liked the change in costumes.
Barbara B. 

Excellent cast! The 90 minutes flew by although it was tough to get into the first 5 minutes of the play as Douglas was doing his monologue. Good use of UWS apartment set. Your playbill is excellent and I wish I had read the “Name Dropping” article before the play started. It would have helped me understand the first several minutes of the play with more clarity. Overall…extremely enjoyable!! I notified my girlfriends who are in writers’ groups the very next day and told them they must see this play!
Sharon S.

I loved the performance. I was completely drawn into the story. It was classic while still being edgy and hilarious! The set and the cast were effortlessly convincing and fluid; even the set changes they executed personally were entertaining and well done. My only complaint is that it had to end; I was so engrossed in the characters and the plot. I was shocked to discover only 90 minutes had passed! I was left wanting more; I’d love to see a continuation of this particular screenplay in the future! I surely hope Ms. Rebeck does a follow-up.
Juanita M.

I thought the play was extremely well-performed and the direction/blocking was largely enjoyable, but the script and the plot were shallow and, often, offensive. Basically, the play seems to be about the men in the play, while the women function as mere plot devices. I appreciated the acting, the set design was BEAUTIFUL, and there were lots of smart lines. But it seems to suffer from lapses in smart and thoughtful writing.
Khadijah W.

The play itself was very entertaining. Theresa Rebeck has created an interesting array of characters — from the snarling writer/editor who eviscerates most of the writing his students offer for his approval to the young writers expecting success as their due — decent people willing to play psychic war games to gain Leonard’s approval. There was a very cohesive, ensemble feel to the cast. They played off each other well.
Ann K.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the show. The sophisticated humor was delightful, and I only hope I did not disturb the people sitting near me too much with my frequent outbursts of laughter. The sets were very interesting. The actors did an excellent job. I am amazed at the energy with which they delivered their lines, as well as the facts that they could memorize so much. It was truly an enjoyable afternoon.
Sheila M.