Relaxed Performance

Found, A New Musical Comedy

Relaxed Performance
December 6, 2016 at 6:30pm

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Philadelphia Theatre Company is committed to making theatre engagement accessible to all people with all abilities. In addition to offering access to individuals with visual and hearing impairments, we are now piloting our relaxed performances. Often called “Sensory Performances,” relaxed performances are designed to create a performing arts experience that welcomes patrons with autism or sensory sensitivities. They aim to remove the “hidden social rules” present in cultural events.

Theatre accommodations for these performances include:

  • Flexible house rules: audience members are free to talk or move during the show;
  • Designated Quiet Areas within the lobby;
  • Low-level House lights on in the theatre during the entire performance;
  • Guidance and sensory supports (fidgets, noise cancelling headphones) available in the lobby;
  • PTC staff is trained to accommodate patrons’ unique needs;
  • Reduction of strobes and lighting focused on the audience;
  • Lower sound levels, especially for jarring sounds.

Preparatory accommodations include:

  • Social Story: A visual booklet that describes the step-by-step experience of going to the theatre and seeing the show. This helps with transitions and the expectations for the audience members attending the show;
  • Our Found Teacher Guide, which offers more information about the musical as well as activities to help engage your students;
  • Our Found Student Guide, which offers interesting information about the musical, its cast and creator, as well as the era in which the story takes place and a brief history of the evolution of musical theatre;
  • The Found Trailer: located on Youtube and embedded on this page below.

Download the Resources

Download the Social Story
Download the Found Teacher Guide
Download the Found Student Guide
Watch the Found Trailer



Can a patron sit or stand in the aisle?

Can a patron stand up and dance in the aisle?

Are there spaces where a patron can walk around if movement is needed?
Yes, we can designate space around your seats or offer the lobby space which has monitors to view the show.

Are patrons permitted to enter and exit the theatre as needed throughout the performance?
Yes, house lights will be up for visibility and staff will be positioned around the theater to offer guidance and support.

Are seats general admission or reserved?
We offer reserved seating, but can be flexible in accommodating needs. We can block off seats to allow for space and movement, we can move seats based on your preferences, etc.

Can I come to the theatre early to do a walk-thru?
Yes, we would love to offer you the opportunity to “Meet your Seat.” Please call or email PTC Education to set up a walk through of the space and experience.

How can I pick up my tickets?
We can mail them to you, you can pick them up at box office, or if that feels overwhelming, we can arrange to have someone meet you out front with your tickets.

What is your refund policy?
If you have to leave early or for some reason are unable to attend, we offer a relaxed refund policy. Please call or email Audience Services for more information.

Are you qualified to do this?
Yes, we have received specialized consulting and training from Dr. Ideishi, a renowned occupational therapist who has developed relaxed performances for organizations all over the country. For more information about our training, please call or email PTC Education.

Is there an intermission?
No, but you are welcome to take breaks as needed.

Where can I find maps of the theatre and directions for parking and transportation?
Philadelphia has a plethora of bus routes, subway lines, and parking garages to meet your needs. You can find instructions on our Plan Your Visit page. You can also find directions in the Social Story above.

What other resources do you offer?
On this page of our website, you will find our Social Story, downloadable information about Found, and staff members that can answer any other questions in depth.