How to Play Brawl

We are relying on technology more than ever.  Sometimes it doesn’t always work as well as we’d hope.
We put together some instructions on how to stream Play Brawl Live and how to vote, bid, and donate using our online portal.

The Basics

The link the view the event will be texted and emailed to you prior to the event.

The event will be streamed live on YouTube.

This is a two device event. Please use a computer or television to view the event and keep a phone or computer handy to vote or bid.

We recommend that viewers log into your Youtube/Google accounts for the live stream. It is not required.

If you pause the live stream, it will continue at the place you left off. Refresh the page to view what is happening live.

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Need help voting?
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Still having trouble voting, bidding, or making a donation?

We have set up a donation hotline!
A PTC staff member will help you complete you vote, bid, or donation over the phone.

Do you need tech support?

Call our tech support hotline for help to stream the event!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Watch

A link will be e-mailed or texted to all registrants before the event begins, which leads to a private YouTube live event page.  The easiest way to enjoy the event is to watch from your computer or mobile device, which will also give you access to the live chat window on the right-hand side.

You can use a HDMI cable, or anything similar, to display the page (including the chat) on any TV.

Watch on your Smart TV

If you have a Samsung, LG, or other brand Smart TV (or a device like a Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, or similar) you can watch Play Brawl directly on your device.

  • Turn on your TV and/or streaming player.  Start the YouTube app, and leave it running.
  • Open the Play Brawl link on your computer, phone, or tablet. Make sure the device is on the same network as your TV, and let the video start playing.


  • From a Computer: Start the Play Brawl video on your computer.  You should see the “Play to TV” icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • The Devices menu should appear in the upper-right corner, which should offer your TV as a destination. Click on it, and the video should start playing on your TV.
  • From an iPhone or iPad: Open the Play Brawl link on your phone.  It should open in the YouTube app.
  • If the link opens in your web browser instead, try to click-and-hold on the link, and select “Open In Youtube”
  • Once the video is playing in your YouTube app, click the “Play to Device” button.
  • Select your TV from the list provided:
  • From an Android Phone:
  • Open the link in the Youtube app. Click the “Cast” button.
  • Select your TV from the options presented:

What if I don’t see the Cast option?