NOVEMBER 20-24, 2019 

Koresh Dance Company is proud to announce their 6th annual Come Together Dance Festival, November 20-24 at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre. This festival celebrates Philadelphia’s rich and diverse artistic landscape over 5 nights. Dance companies from near and far unite to give audiences an experience like no other.

Koresh Dance Company brings you 5 nights of Brian Sanders’ JUNK, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, Pennsylvania Ballet, Rennie Harris Puremovement —  and 35 their companies …

Featured Artists Include…

Alchemy Dance Company, Alisa Iacovelli & Casey Van Newenhizen, ARTIST HOUSE/Asya Zlatina + Dancers,  Ash and Elm Dance Co., Ballet Inc., Britt Whitmoyer Fishel, Dara J. Meredith, Emily Pietruszka, Evalina “Wally” Carbonell, Footwerx Tap Company, Gary W Jeter II, Heather Dutton and Abigail Linnemeyer, Hood Nation, Jim Bunting Dance Company, Jon Lehrer Dance Company, Just Sole! Street Dance Theater Company, Kareem Goodwin and Dancers, Kendall Niblett, Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble, Maria Konrad, Matthew Soojian, Megan Flynn Dance Company, Melissa Rector, Melitta Parzyszek, mignolo dance, Project Moshen Dance Company, Rena Rossi Dance, SHARP Dance Company, SharQui, Sonia Dawkins | SD Prism Dance Theatre |ELEVATE|, Susie McHugh + Dancers, The Rock School, Thuy Wyckoff, Tina Croll + Company, Winifred Haun & Dancer, Yu.S.Artistry / Yuki IshiguroFESTIVAL LINE-UP



  • Koresh Dance Company
  • Brian Sanders’ JUNK
  • Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers
  • Alisa Iacovelli & Casey Van Newenhizen
  • Ballet Inc
  • Footwerx Tap Company
  • Emily Pietruszka
  • Melitta Parzyszek
  • Kendall Niblett
  • Evalina “Wally” Carbonell
  • Hood Nation


  • Koresh Dance Company
  • Dara J. Meredith
  • Just Sole! Street Dance Theater Company
  • Alchemy Dance Company
  • Thuy Wyckoff
  • Ash and Elm Dance Co.
  • SharQui
  • SHARP Dance Company
  • Gary W Jeter II
  • Matthew Soojian
  • Jim Bunting Dance Company
  • Tina Croll + Company


  • Koresh Dance Company
  • Brian Sanders’ JUNK
  • Rennie Harris Puremovement
  • Jon Lehrer Dance Company
  • Project Moshen Dance Company
  • Susie McHugh + Dancers
  • Winifred Haun & Dancers
  • Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble
  • The Rock School


  • Koresh Dance Company
  • Pennsylvania Ballet
  • Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers
  • Rennie Harris Puremovement


  • Koresh Dance Company
  • Maria Konrad
  • Sonia Dawkins | SD Prism Dance Theatre |ELEVATE|
  • Yu.S.Artistry / Yuki Ishiguro
  • Heather Dutton and Abigail Linnemeyer
  • Melissa Rector
  • Rena Rossi Dance
  • Megan Flynn Dance Company
  • mignolo dance
  • Kareem Goodwin and Dancers
  • ARTIST HOUSE/Asya Zlatina + Dancers
  • Britt Whitmoyer Fishel



General $35

Student $23

Senior $30


(GENERAL // Student and Senior)

Double The Dance $60 // $40

3 night Pass $75 // $50

Festival Pass (5 nights) $99 // $75

Groups of 10:  $25 per person // $15/ per person


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