[A Message from Dramaturg, Carrie Chapter]

Come this November, get into the voting booth AND get over to the Box Office. Why? STARS OF DAVID won’t make you play games like the one below:

So, you have to ask the question: Is political malaise getting me down?



STARS OF DAVID offers you all the fun of the politicos without the pressure this season. After all, there are two “stars” in particular – TV innovator/activist, Norman Lear, and Screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin – who have made the mission of American politics their specialty. Their songs in STARS OF DAVID both comment on how we Americans see ourselves in the political sphere today – and how our beliefs shape how we’ll envision ourselves for tomorrow. Case in point, take a look below at some of Lear and Sorkin’s most outspoken moments:

Norman Lear:

Aaron Sorkin: