Legacy Giving

S ince 1974 Philadelphia Theater Company has been dazzling the region with a fabulous array of theatrical events, world class playwrights, composers, actors and artists.  A legacy gift to PTC can helps ensure that generations to come enjoy PTC’s plays, musicals and other programs.  Legacy gifts honor your lifetime of attending theatre and supporting the arts. Some legacy gifting platforms allow you to make a gift with no cash at all. Read below to learn more.


The easiest way to make a gift to PTC is to include us in your will.  If you already have a will, it is not necessary to rewrite it.  If you already have included us in your plans, we hope you will share the news so that we may honor and thank your generosity.

Bequests can be directed to a specific program or purpose or you can direct the funds to general operating use to be directed by our Board of Directors.  We ask that you consult our staff so that your bequest can be most useful.

A bequest can give a specific dollar amount or asset to PTC, or it can give a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate after taxes and specific bequests have been paid.


Suggested language

I give and devise (_________________)  without reduction for any tax occasioned by my death, to Philadelphia Theater Company a Philadelphia, PA charitable corporation located at 230 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102 to be used or disposed of as Philadelphia Theatre Company’s Board of Directors in its sole discretion  deems appropriate. (Or state specific purpose.)

Retirement Plan Assets

If you are 70 ½ or older, you may make tax-free charitable contributions directly from your IRA accounts without realizing income.  Making gifts from IRA funds that would be subject to tax if withdrawn voluntarily or under mandatory withdrawal requirements may be a good choice.  Gifts can be made in any amount up to $100,000.  Assets held in IRA’s are subject to income tax when withdrawn during one’s lifetime or by survivors, but they may also be subject to estate tax if left to a loved one other than a spouse.

Charitable Remainder Trust

An arrangement in which property or money is donated to Philadelphia Theatre Company, yet the donor (the grantor) continues to use the property and/or receive income from it while living.  The donors receive the income and the charity receives the principal after a specified period of time.  The grantor avoids any capital gains tax on the donated assets and also gets an income tax deduction for the fair market values of the reminder interest that the trust earned.  In addition, the asset is removed from the state, reducing subsequent estate taxes.  While the contribution is irrevocable, the grantor may have some control over the way the assets are invested, and any event switch from one charity to another.  There are two versions, A Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, pays income as a fixed dollar amount that remains constant for the term of the trust.  A Charitable Remainder Unitrust pays income that varies from year to year.

Some information you might find helpful:

Tax Identification Number

Philadelphia Theatre Company’s tax identification number is: 23-1951753