Philadelphia Theatre Company’s
Core Values

We recognize the importance of being ambitious, joyful, and flexible, and acting with integrity and care.

Our core values set the ground rules for all that we do at Philadelphia Theatre Company and we must be mindful of these pledges when interacting with each other and our community. In our working lives, we often experience situations where the ‘right thing to do’ is not immediately apparent. Thus, our core values, supported by our code of ethics, can help guide us in our daily actions – how we act is who we are.


PTC Code of Conduct (established Feb 21, 2019)

We are committed to providing a safe and respectful work environment for everyone in and around Philadelphia Theatre Company. Your support of that commitment through your actions will help ensure our success.

Philadelphia Theatre Company has been an important part of the artistic and civic community in Philadelphia for nearly five decades. The institution has evolved through many changes in the theatrical landscape and has withstood other important shifts, including relocating to the Suzanne Roberts Theatre on Broad Street, as well as cultural, financial and leadership changes.

Another such shift is currently underway and requires our attention.

We are increasingly aware that disrespectful behavior, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and systemic bullying are deeply embedded in our culture – including in the theatre world. As theatre practitioners, these behaviors are contrary to who we are and what we aspire to be.

Artistic freedom of expression is essential to the art form – our work can and should be challenging, experimental, exploratory, and bold. For these things to happen, though, the creative space must be safe. And because the spaces in which we work are broad – encompassing administration, auditions, rehearsals, technical work, late nights, parties, fundraising and marketing events, public-facing frontline work, and more – we must acknowledge, and not exploit, the blurred boundaries between work and social spaces.

Our new Code of Conduct accompanies Theatre Company’s existing Employee Manual to provide staff, board, visiting artists and guests with an articulated code of ethics, values, and practices that we will strive to uphold and incorporate into our culture. It is the work not only of leadership but, importantly, of the entire staff. Our statement is a consensus that incorporates the many belief systems, passions, and viewpoints that exist at Philadelphia Theatre Company.

Posted 2.21.19

For further information and/or a copy of our Code of Conduct, please reach out to leadership below:

Paige Price

Producing Artistic Director

Emily Zeck

Managing Director