School Programs

Drama Contact

Philadelphia Theatre Company’s Drama Contact program is designed to bring students and teachers closer to the best in American theater. When integrated into the classroom, our plays inspire students to examine the world around them in vital and challenging new ways. And because our plays explore the rich ground of history, economics, and politics in America teachers find our plays relevant to their curricula.

Program components include:

Student Matinees
Each season PTC provides 11am performances of selected shows for student audiences.  This is a great opportunity for students to experience professionally produced, live theater for the first time.  All student matinees include a post show Q&A session with the cast.

Download the 2016/2017 Season Matinee Flyer

Student Study Guides
For each student matinee, PTC creates guides designed to engage students in exploring the characters, given circumstances, themes and issues related to the content of each play. Teachers are also encouraged to download the Teacher Guide for each production to facilitate student engagement in related themes and content. Student Study Guides and Teacher Guides can be found on our ISSUU page here.

Theater Prep workshops
Theatre Prep Workshops, taught by PTC Teaching Artists, allow your students to enter the world of our productions right in your classroom.   The content focuses on immersing students in the creative choices the playwrights, actors, directors and designers face when developing the show.

Study Units
Study Units allow a deeper exploration of the play and its topical issues than is possible in a single theater prep workshop.   A study unit consists of two prep workshops prior to attending the performance, and one follow up workshop.

PTC’s Passport Program

PTC’s Passport Program is a full season subscription for your class!  Each Passport class comes to up to 4 PTC shows and receives study units to accompany each show, all in one specially priced package.  Passport is a full theater arts curriculum using the productions as live examples of multiple theater elements.

Residencies are designed to integrate theater as a learning tool in your curriculum, and introduce students to the process of creating theater.  PTC also delivers residencies that develop students’ leadership, public speaking, teamwork, and problem solving skills.  Costs for residencies are determined by many factors.  Call and we can begin discussing the details.