Philly Reality


The Philly Reality Residency is currently on hiatus for the 2018 season.  Watch this space for more information.  

Classes in some of our schools will continue, and it is likely that Philly Reality will be held in several locations this year, continuing the tradition and bringing its performances to more students in those schools.

The Philly Reality Residency has been the most comprehensive and in-depth element of PTC’s education programming.  It included 36 classroom workshops, study units for four PTC productions as well as the unique opportunity for students to create a piece of theatre from the ground up on a fully equipped, professional stage.  Philly Reality was the only program of its kind in Philadelphia, giving students the opportunity to work closely on all artistic, production and technical elements of a live theatre performance.  The main goal of this program was to help students learn that theatre is a vehicle for communication they can use beyond the classroom and the stage.  Philly Reality does not simply give students scripts but provides them tools with which to write their own 10-minute play.  Students also develop the production elements to support the text.  With help from teaching artists and technical artists in sound and lighting, students apply design elements of their own creation to their pieces.  The residency ends with student performances at the SRT.  Overseen by PTC’s professional production staff, students participate as actors, directors, designers, and front-of-house staff, making Philly Reality a truly student-run production.  We are immensely proud of this program and hope to reignite the program or something like it next season.