Philly Reality


Each year, approximately ten schools take advantage of a year-long residency in which they are paired with one of PTC’s lead teaching artists for the entire year.  The teaching artist spends roughly 36 sessions with the class exploring different units.  Each class will benefit from one-to-two week long units in ensemble building, playwriting/storytelling, elements of design, acting and directing.  Throughout the residency each class will come to the Suzanne Roberts’ Theatre to experience three to four of PTC’s main stage productions.  The residency culminates in Philadelphia Theatre Company’s Philly Reality.

Philly Reality is a unique multi-school student performance program, which gives students an opportunity for creative self-expression through writing monologues, which they then craft into a performance piece. The students work with teaching artists and technical artists in sound and lighting to apply design elements to their pieces. The residency concludes with student performances on the stage of PTC’s Suzanne Roberts Theatre. Students participate as actors, directors, lighting and sound designers, and front of house staff, making Philly Reality a truly student-run production. It is the only program of its kind in Philadelphia that gives students hands on opportunities to work in all aspects of theatrical production.

Philly Reality 2015

Tuesday, March 17
Lincoln High School
Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts- 12th Grade
Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts- 11th Grade
ActOut Saturday

Thursday, March 19
Multi-Cultural Academy Charter School- Mrs. Wiseley 1
Multi-Cultural Academy Charter School- Mrs. Wiseley 2
World Communications Charter School- After School
Multi-Cultural Academy Charter School- Ms. Young

ActOut Saturday

PTC has become home to so many teens across the Philadelphia region.  Not all of those teens are in schools or classes that are working with PTC through a residency.  For those students- and any other interested teens- we have ActOut Saturday.  Beginning the first weekend of January, this group meets every Saturday for 2.5 hours for a Philly Reality intensive.  This group performs as a “class” on one of our Philly reality performance nights.    ActOut Saturday is open to any interested teen aged 12-17.

When: Saturdays from January 10- March 14th , 10AM- 12:30PM

Where: Suzanne Roberts Theatre