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ActOut Summer Camp

Philadelphia’s only ALL scholarship camp.

At Philadelphia Theatre Company, we value the immeasurable benefits of exposure teens to the creative process.  We also have made a commitment to the youth within our city- regardless of their means.  As such, for the past three years we have decided that it is imperative that we offer our high quality, innovative and unique camps solely through scholarship- 100% tuition-free.

Summer 2015

2 One-Week Camps: July 6-10 and July 13-17

This summer is the summer of the one week challenges.  For each session, campers are presented with a challenge.  They then spend their afternoons in ensembles working to create a new work based on that challenge.  Past challenge have included “murder mystery, fill in the middle, no stage, etc.”

Their mornings are spent in “classes” where they are guided by professional teaching artists while exploring and deepening their understanding of and appreciation for the craft of storytelling, performance, visual design and audio design.

On Friday of each week, the ensembles present their response to the challenge in a theatre lab.  This presentation is open to invited guests and is followed by a brief Q and A with the campers.

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Summer 2014

Check out this information and some photos from last year’s fun-filled camp to give you a better idea of what you have to look forward to this summer…

Our first two weeks of camp were two separate single sessions.  For each session, campers were presented with a challenge.  They then spent their afternoons in ensembles working to create new work based on that challenge.  Past challenges have included “murder mystery, fill in the middle, no stage, etc.” Summer 2014 challenges were…

It’s News to Me                               

The first challenge this summer will have campers present a live news show on stage at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre.  Through an exploration of what news means to us today and where we get our news, students will need to have their own sources as they bring us a completely live look at a produced news show.  Their show is not limited to only what we see in front of the cameras.  The students decide just what type of news show they’d like to produce and then they do just that- produce it… the entire thing!

Lost in Translation                                    

The second week will challenge campers to use select slips of paper from a bucket determining location, color, prop, a wild card in a different language and a device commonly used for communication.  Using these pre-determined elements as a structure, campers will tell a story about the challenges of communicating.  By exploring different methods and tactics used in daily communication, campers will make keen observations and gain insight into the struggles associate with effectively communicating with one another.  Their insights and observations will then be layered into their story.

Our one week sessions are not just all solving challenges.  In the mornings, campers have classes.  Our team of dedicated, professional teaching artists instructs campers in performance, storytelling, visual design, audio design and the combination of all of these things.  Through classes, they gain the skills and knowledge to best create within their ensembles and solve the weeks challenge.  Each week ends with a lab where the students present their work on stage for one another and guests.

Two Week Intensive:        

The final two weeks of camp, Methods for Devising Theatre, is a two-week intensive where campers focus on devised work.  With the guidance and leadership of their exemplary teaching artists, students explore playwriting, direction, acting and design. In perfect step with the mission of Philadelphia Theatre Company, the campers then collaborate with one another to put together and brand new one-act play that they will produce themselves on stage at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre.

ActOut Saturday

PTC has become home to so many teens across the Philadelphia region.  Not all of those teens are in schools or classes that are working with PTC through a residency.  For those students- and any other interested teens- we have ActOut Saturday.  Beginning the first weekend of January, this group meets every Saturday for 2.5 hours for a Philly Reality intensive.  This group performs as a “class” on one of our Philly reality performance nights.    ActOut Saturday is open to any interested teen aged 12-17.

When: Saturdays from January 10- March 14th , 10AM- 12:30PM

Where: Suzanne Roberts Theatre